Error Kodi Can’t Opened Because It Is From Unidentified Developer

Error Kodi Can’t Be Opened on Mac

If you facing error Kodi can’t be opened because it is from unidentified developer on you mac. You dont have to be worry, it’s normal when you install application not from app store. Some developer create mac os application and didn’t put their application on app store for some reason. Kodi is one of the app that the developer didn’t put on mac app store. So if you want to install kodi, you must download it from kodi official, not from mac app store.

kodi error cant be opened mac

kodi warning

Solving Kodi Cant Be Opened on Mac

There is 2 way fixing problem on kodi can’t be opened because its from unidentified developer. The first is go to Application on your mac.Hold down the Control key and click the application icon. From the contextual menu choose Open.

Fixing Kodi Cant Be Opened on Mac

Fixing Kodi Cant Be Opened on Mac

Then you have to click Open on a popup that appear asking you to confirm this action.

Pop Up Open App From Unidentified Developer

Pop Up Open App From Unidentified Developer

The second way to fixing this problem is allowing all application from unidentified fro your mac system preference. But its more risky, because next time you install app from other sources, it will automatically accept. So that is not a good choice for your security.

Is Kodi Safe For Mac?

People who install kodi will asking is Kodi legal and safe for mac. The answer is yes, kodi is safe and legal. Kodi is just powerfull entertainment media center application. Kodi is legal application, so its safe for your mac. However, Kodi users in UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, France, Canada and Germany have received copyright infringement notices as a result of using Kodi Certain add-ons. There is nothing illegal about downloading and installing this app. The legal issues from the fact that a lot of movie add-ons and live TV Plugins do get their content from pirated sources.

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This article Easy Install Kodi For Mac guide you how to install kodi on your mac. You can also install kodi for your tv using android box tv or raspberry devices connected to your tv. You can read setup kodi for android tv box.

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